Luxury Pearl Jewellery Box


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In stock

This stunning Large Luxury Pearl White Jewellery Box is not only a practical way to store your jewellery but it is also a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. This box has been made with high quality materials making it something to keep for many many years. The exterior of this box has a beautiful design with pearl white soft high quality PU leather and when opened has a soft pink interior.

This box has two levels. The top level has 2 large compartments for your watches or larger items and another with soft cushions for your rings and earrings. The bottom level is a draw that pulls out via the silver handle which has 6 separate compartments perfect for brackets, earrings and valuables you would like to keep hidden and dust free. What makes this jewellery box stand out is its extendable mirror. The large mirror pulls out and locks to give you the best position to choose your favourite piece of jewellery or apply your make up on the go or at home. This is what makes this box not just perfect to store your jewellery securely but also travel with as it is equipped with all everything you’ll need.

Large Mirror

Pearl White PU leather and soft pink interior

Luxury Pearl Jewellery Box

16xcm x 16cm x 11cm

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