Black Crocodile Jewellery Box w/ Drawer


In stock

In stock

This Black Crocodile Jewellery Box has a beautiful exterior in a crocodile print and Silver features making the box look elegant and classy. This box also has a lock and key making your jewellery and valuables secure and safe. After unlocking and opening the lid, you open to the first level which has 8 different compartments to store your jewellery. It has a mirror and a pouch underneath to give you the most amount of storage possible.

It has a section to hold your rings, 6 separate compartments and another with a watch cushion to hold and secure
your watch safely. It is lined in a high quality light pink velvet. The bottom level pulls out separately to have 3 different compartments for storing your necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and other valuables. This elegant portable jewellery box is perfect for organising and carrying your beautiful jewellery with style. It is a compact case for travel and easily fits in luggage.

Black exterior and high quality velvet interior

1 x Jewellery Box and key

20 x 16 x 10